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No comment!

My brain is aching from the Palin-palooza bombardment today, not even going to go there with my opinion! All I have to say is that this has provided a much needed comedic goldmine for trivia team names for weeks to come. Thanks!

This is why I don't care for politics

I was actually enjoying what I caught in the tail end of Obamapalooza tonight until out came the pastor and Jesus got all up in it. 

In the same vein, I'm probably a Bad Jew for hoping McCain picks Lieberman for his VP - surely if this country isn't ready for a black president, a Jewish VP might be even more unthinkable? Sigh.

Faux Smartypants

I am currently mooching off the free interwebs courtesy of the Longwood Medical area while killing time before heading over to Fenway to see "Tropic Thunder" with my brother and cousin. Up until right now I was actually doing work (scary) and it amuses me to think that anyone walking by who looked over my shoulder probably thought I was all smart and shizz. Basically, I have to skim through these cardiology manuscripts and flag any missing items/glaringly obvious typos/etc. etc. I do not actually understand or have the ability to comprehend a single word of any of it, but it makes me happy to know that people might think I am Smart (capital S) when they see me "reading" these manuscripts. Hell, I think they make me smart by osmosis. I cannot tell you what the Rap-Raf-ERK axis is, but I CAN tell you that I see it on a daily basis and that I can fix it when it is misspelled!

Thought of the Day: "Manuscript" is a bitch of a word to type.

I don't have a whole lot to say...

but...I should really start writing again anyway, no?

Maybe a site makeover will help the situation. So easily bored, I am (thanks, Yoda.)

This is not photoshopped

Franconia Notch
Originally uploaded by Daynomite
Yes, I really did go camping last weekend. I have the pics to prove it!
I remember a time not too long ago when I could eat a leisurely lunch in the park, stroll home at a casual pace from the bus stop in the afternoons, wear white t shirts with no fear...ah, those were the days, about a month ago.

It is common knowledge at this point that I hate storms - a lot.  What, WHAT I ask, have I done to make the weather gods so angry to produce an average of two storms a day at least somewhere in this state EVERY DAY for the past few weeks? Honestly, this is ridiculous. Did you know that getting pelted by hail induces physical pain? It does!  Do I enjoy staying a little later at work just to avoid this happening to me again? No! Am I concerned right now that I am at work and not at home to neurotically run around unplugging shit and closing windows and blinds? You bet! I believe the best part is that my current office is a)very very quiet, so all sounds seem 10x louder than they actually are, b) the only office situated where there is a window (this is purely a coincidence, I'm not that Important), the last place I want to be near in a storm, and c) a 15 min walk to the T. 

OK, that was a weak one just now - but apparently it was pretty bad out in the burbs. See, you never know when and where Angry Weather will attack! Who knows when I will be able to eat lunch outside or wear white again?

*EDIT*- I lied. It has been stormy nonstop for almost 2 1/2 hrs now with no signs of it ever letting up. If I have to wait around for the monsoon to pass before I can safely leave the building, I will not be a happy camper. FAIL.

My Doppelganger

johanna101 has found her!


This has to be a sign...

...that it was a very wise move to cut ties with the D line train (lived on it for almost 3 and commuted on it for almost 5). The green line is totally cursed, y'all, seems like there is an accident of some kind every week now!

And I am calling this right now before it shows up tomorrow morning - there is no way the cause of this accident was anything else but the conductor of the second train (the rear ender offender, hehe) yapping away on their cell phone...because there are NO distractions on the D line whatsoever besides the occasional twig or deer in the road. Because it's  all suburban. You aren't competing with crazy drivers and pedestrians. I smell lawsuits!

10:00pm update - A description of the 2nd conductor, who is the only person still trapped in the car, just came out on the news. If this girl was not chatting on a cell phone at the time of the crash, I will be shocked. Yeah, yeah, call me racist, but I take the T several times a day and as they say in "Avenue Q", stereotypes are based on truth!

My brother the college graduate

The day we thought would never happen about six years ago...

CONGRATS, little bro! You are now a UMass alum.

What can I say, I am proud. Tear!

Free Stuff Alert

If you are a coffee fiend like myself, then mark your calendar for next Thursday the 15th - Dunkie's free iced coffee day!  Will the lines suck? Absolutely. Will I still wait in it three times at three different locations throughout the course of the day? You bet.